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Skilled trial lawyer takes your case as far as justice requires

If you’ve been injured from an auto accident, a fall or some other act of negligence, there are two roads of recovery in front of you. One is physical, and may be a long, arduous path involving surgery, rest, rehabilitation and retraining. The second leads to financial recovery for your losses and your suffering. Along that road, defendants and their insurance companies will try to discourage you, wear you down and exhaust you so you will accept much less than true compensation. No one person can walk two paths at the same time. So while you concentrate on getting well, Haley Law looks after your financial claim. Whether that path leads to a settlement or all the way to court, we are with you, fighting hard for as long as necessary, until you are satisfied with the outcome. Since 1955, Haley Law Offices P.C. has helped clients in Oakland, Alameda and throughout the Bay Area get justice for serious injuries.

Get professional help for your personal injury before the California statute of limitations runs out

Many injured parties put off thinking of their financial recovery to focus on their physical recovery. Often, insurance adjusters are so helpful initially, that the injured party never imagines they’ll be unreasonable later. By the time that happens, crucial evidence has been lost. California has a two-year statute of limitations for most personal injuries; if you miss that deadline, you cannot file a claim against the party who injured you.

Haley Law wants every injured party to know that you’ll always do better with an attorney than without, especially when that attorney is:

  • Well-established and respected — Attorney Matthew Haley has been practicing law in Oakland since 1982. He’s widely regarded as a principled, ethical trial attorney.
  • Professional and diligent — Matthew Haley has a solid reputation as a fighter for his clients’ interests. Opposing counsel knows he is willing and able to go to trial, which gives him a great deal of leverage in settlement negotiations.
  • Emotionally supportive — Matthew Haley believes that every client is unique and important. You deserve to be represented, not processed. This makes Haley Law the farthest thing from a personal injury settlement mill you will find.

Haley Law operates on a contingency-fee basis, which means we charge no upfront legal fees. You can start today on your road to financial recovery without any out-of-pocket expense.

Skilled representation across a variety of personal injury and civil practice areas

Haley Law Offices P.C. represents clients from all walks of life who have suffered serious injuries or wrongful death due to someone else’s negligence. This includes auto, truck and motorcycle accidents. We help parties injured in slip and fall accidents in public places and on private property. We represent injured patients in medical malpractice lawsuits, and protect seniors, especially those in nursing homes, who may be victims of elder abuse. We manage civil litigation, including representation of heirs in cases of contested wills.

Contact a respected Oakland personal injury law firm for diligent representation

When injured parties act promptly to secure legal representation, they increase their chances of a favorable outcome. To find out about your rights, call today for a free, no obligation consultation on the phone or in our office. If your injury prevents you from coming to us, we’ll visit you in your home or hospital. Call 510-444-1881 or contact Haley Law Offices P.C. law firm online. The firm is located in the historic Oakland Landmark “Maclise Drug Store Building,” on San Pablo Ave & 17th Street in Oakland.

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